JR Electronics - J&R LIES!!!!!!

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Well I went to J&R Electronics and purchased a view sonic 3d ready projector.The sales woman told me yeah it will work with blu ray 3d just get a few additions.

So I bought it and purchased the additions online since they didn't sell them at J&R. I took about two weeks for all of the parts to arrive and when the 3d didn't work. So I called view sonic and they told me the projector was never compatible with those additions and that for the most part the 3d cant be used unless you have a laptop with a 3d chip. So I go back to return the product and they tell me I cant return it because its been two weeks since I purchased it.

So therefore I'm stuck with projector for a few months trying to be a respectable customer and they are just blowing me off.so therefore I don't want anyone to go to this place of thieves.

JR Electronics - J and R Electronics Ineptitude

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J and R Electronics sold several thousand Microsoft Zune's through Amazon prior to and after Black Friday 2007.Five days later they cancel the orders because Microsoft won't supply them with any more?

Why are you selling stuff you don't even have in stock? Why are you blaming Amazon for selling too many? Can anyone at your company Count? Does anyone know how to use a calculator?

I will never purchase anything ever again from these incompetents.

Makes you wonder how they're

still in business. I guess a blind pig does find an acorn once in a while.

In today's business environment I can't see this company ever being a long term competitor.

Review about: Microsoft Zune 30Gb Brown.



Not happy so far with customer service.Have been waiting for a customer service rep now for exactly 4 hours (started out "all reps are busy", and have been listening to bad hold music since).

My cordless phone is going to die before they finally pick up. Was in customer service for 4 years, and I've never seen anything like this. Most SLA's are 60 seconds.

This in seconds is 14400.Not giving up yet.


thanks for sharing, will not do business from them!

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